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Steve Binetti Art Collection

click at the picture and
find and buy some of 300 paintings
painted with oil on canvas
on saatchi art








"Butterfly Blues"

The video is produced in Costa Rica
Venice Beach, Los Angeles and Berlin

Steve Binetti wrote the song "Butterfly Blues"
for the album "Driving Alone"





"The Line"

Steve Binetti wrote soundtracks for
over 20 theater productions

On the occasion of the 20th Anniversary
of the Ibsen Festival in Oslo,
Steve Binetti wrote the soundtrack for the opener
"IBSEN MACHINE", directed by S. Hartmann.

music video for "IBSEN MACHINE"
Kjersti Sandal Botn sings
the Steve Binetti song "The Line"








"Driving Alone"

Music Video photographed by Daniel Schwarz








"Johnny B. Goode"

in the video below,
is a product of the first demo-session
and was photographed by Daniel Schwarz.







Studio Sessions

As Warm Up Steve Binetti
plays his own Version of "Route 66"








BORN IN GDR: Punk Documentary

Minute 2:38 Steve ist playing
with his Band "Pop Generation"








Soundtrack for the Film of Bernd Heiber
with Katja Flint, Paul Fassnacht and Xaver Hutter